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Location: Spokane, WA
Completed: 2009
Project Budget: 5 Million


Location: Spokane, WA
Completed: 2009
Project Budget: 5 Million


Rogers High School

$49.4 million historic renovation. A 180,000 square foot addition was added to an existing 80,000 square foot , three-story structure that was originally constructed in 1932 using art deco architectural elements and similar building materials in a contemporary manner. A new clock tower creates an architectural icon for the community. The project included larger classroom space, meeting and greeting spaces, and accommodations for small learning communities. The kitchen, commons, and physical education spaces were also increased. Renovation was completed with students in attendance.

Modern Drywall, Inc. Contributions

Metal Framing, Insulation, Lath & Plaster, Veneer Plaster, Gypsum Board Assemblies, Acoustic Ceilings, Acoustic Panels, Music Acoustic Panels

General Contractor

Garco Construction

"Ron, congratulations on 60 years in business. That is quite an accomplishment. We have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with your company for over 35 of those 60 years. You have always provided us with excellent service and quality, We know that you are a team player that can always be counted on to provide our customer a product that exceeds their expectations. Hopefully your company will say good things about us when we celebrate 60 years, 25 years in the future. We wish you the best for the New Year."

-Tim Welsh, CEO